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Supportive Coaching for your whole self

Re-Set De-Stress!

Education and Knowledge


Learn to Apply knowledge, Attain goals, and Reduce stress - Contact us here for coaching to assist you.

... Do you want suggestions and support on your path to WELLNESS?


We work with you in the following areas via various consultations:

Wellness - Overall Wellness

Mindfulness Coaching - Reset your expectations, stay on track

Lifestyle coaching - Make changes, see results!De-Stress and Reset Coaching

FACTS:  Lowering Stress makes for a happier you.


Learning, gaining knowledge, accessing tools and applying them, can give you the empowerment to make choices that best fit your needs.

Wellness Coaches can Help you meet these actionable goals.

~ As Coaches, we support clients in mobilizing internal strengths and external resources, and in developing self management strategies for making sustainable, healthy lifestyle, and/or behavior changes, as well as assisting you in gaining knowledge. We may provide expert guidance in areas in which we have active credentials, course study or certifications, and may offer resources from external sources with written synopsis and suggestions.
~ Wellness Coaching Assists you to unlock your personal potential to maximize performance in reaching Wellness and Fitness Goals and facilitates the process of discovery and implementation. This may include Suggestions in Lifestyle, Food, Supplement suggestions, regiment reviews, Reviews of history and labs and Best Practice information supplied from Genetic Reports, if any Genetic Report Consultation is ordered. This precludes Prescriptions, medications, and treatment protocols.
~ Nutritional Therapy Practitioners Make recommendations for balancing the body and promoting optimal wellness based on symptoms, Food Guides, information, and goals. This paradigm may include reports and findings, suggestions of further action steps and other tools. However, the client always makes the decisions in implementing any suggestions or utilizing best practice information.
~ Nutrigenomic Gene Practitioners Create a conduit of Information for the client to gain Knowledge and Empowers you, the Client, to facilitate better Wellness and Lifestyle choices, by outlining individual Nutritional Tendencies and assists in suggestions the client may choose to apply in Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition. These are not treatment protocols, but best practice information.  This is based on research and studies. Nutrition Genetics information may then assist you in making future choices regarding Nutrition, Fitness, and Supplements that may best suit your body systems for use and absorption. A blueprint if you will, of how your body tends to 'Run'. This is based on Studies and coursework.
Intuitive Wellness Coaching utilizes the above modalities to assist you, the Client, in gaining Knowledge, learning Lifestyle changes that facilitate positive change, and assists you in setting and reaching Wellness Goals.
We also offer Mindfulness Coaching to give you tools to use in your daily life.
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