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We work with you in the following areas via various consultations:

Wellness - Overall Wellness

Mindfulness Coaching - Reset your expectations, stay on track. Meridians, Energy Sessions.

Lifestyle coaching - Make changes, see results!De-Stress and Reset Coaching

Food and Genetic Nutrition Tendencies and Potentials - Extensive Reports and Guides as well as Coaching

FACTS:  Lowering Stress makes for a happier you. Wellness and Food choices make or decrease stress! Be YOU, get your Wellness Strategy suggestions today!


Learning, gaining knowledge, accessing tools and applying them, can give you the empowerment to make choices that best fit your needs.

Wellness Coaches can Help you meet these actionable goals.

Check out the pricing and packages, then use the 'Contact us' button at bottom of page to get started. You can also email at SnowDropHebrals@gmail.com or Call us at (719)-286-0252.


Initial Consultation $385.00 - 1.5 hours - Standalone Wellness no Genetic Report 


Genetic Reports with Food - Potential Tendencies Consultation $385.00


Genetic Report - Food - Wellness Combined Consultation

$585.00 - $785.00


Hourly Consultations - $275.00


30 Minute Consultations 



Energetic Consultations

$175.00 Hourly rate

$100.00 30 minutes


3 Consultation Package Wellness


Tel : 719-286-0252

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