How to start your Wellness Consult and Coaching Plan....

Choose Your Consultation:

Wellness Room -  Mats PEMF Infrared 
$20.00 per 15 minutes

Wellness Room - 
De-Stress session
$75.00 per 30 minutes

Minerals HTMA Consultation
30 minutes Consultation - Test - 1st Suggestions

*Extensions for Labs review / Extra time
$25.00 per 15 minutes
Nutrition Genetic Report Consultation
3 Consultations - Reports - Test

Complete Plan Includes : 
-Wellness Consultation
- Genetic Test and Reports
-  HTMA Minerals test
- 2 Additional Consultations
- Dr. Review

Ongoing Coaching
30 Minutes $   75.00
1  Hour         $150.00

*Depending on the package you choose,  we may request additional information.
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Come into the clinic at Florissant Family Medicine - 
18100 CR 1 
Florissant, Colorado. 80816

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Testimonials :
"The difference between here and other wellness coaches, Meggan and the coaches at ICW truly care about the people they guide. She tailors a plan just for you because she truly understands we are all different. Her sharp wit, extreme intelligence and dedication to those who work with her sets her high above anyone I've come across so far. The Reports for Nutrition Genetic Information are dead on, and the review Consultation was amazing, it gave me so much knowledge to help me." 
"After going from Doctor to Doctor, some naturopaths and even several other MTHFR Practitioners, I was no better than I was three years before. I was lucky to have run across Meg, not realizing that she knew more than anyone I had come across yet. I would not be well today without her help and ICW Coaching"
"2 years of doctors couldn't figure me out, but she has! I was bedridden, 90 lbs, sensitive to so many foods, and wasting away. I was medically diagnosed with Meniere's disease, Lupus, Hemochromatosis and Thyroid Disease Hashimoto's along with Dysbiosis of the GI. She's a genius with Nutrition Genetics and Wellness, and has me eating normally again, at a normal weight & functioning on my own. All in a couple of months!!  I have learned the missing links in my healing. We are continuing my Wellness Coaching to meet goals and I could not have improved so much without this coaching."
"As a wellness coach, she offers a perspective that truly encompasses the whole person. Her knowledge of epigenetics and nutrition can help a person create a wellness plan uniquely tailored to their specific needs by using genetics, metabolic state of functioning, diet and nutrition. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to getting well and many wellness coaches today are pigeonholed in specific areas of focus. Meggan,  is the only one I know that offers this truly unique perspective."
"You have helped me have a life again! Thank you for working with me to get well" M.D