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Details on Nutrition Genetic Reports, Mineral Reports and Suggestions

Everyone is different. It is true, YOUR biochemistry tendencies are different from your Parents and other Relatives, let alone Friends and Neighbors.

How you react to Food, Environment, Stress & Inflammation, even Joy, is unique at the cellular level.

Genetic Nutrition reports give a blueprint of tendencies to help us  guide you in meeting Wellness Goals. Such as absorption of Nutrients and Supplements. Inflammation tendencies, Stress response  etc. 

Mineral Reports give great information on what you may need for Electrolyte and Mineral balance issues.

Consultations put it all together for you. We send you the Information via Links, Suggestions, Guides, Analysis and Findings.

Our Coaching assists you in implementing positive change, and adjustments where you feel you are ready for them, in a structured and cohesive manner. This is through our Ongoing 30 minute or 1 hour Consultations. Whether you need help with Food, Diet, Fitness, Wellness or Mindfulness, Minerals balancing and more.


We are here for you. 

In office and Remote Consultations
 Wellness Room De-stress Reset
Mineral Balancing  Consultation
All in one - General Wellness / Genetic Nutrition / Minerals Consult - 3 Consults
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