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Below is a sampling of items we like, or that may be helpful, that may assist you in your Lifestyle and Wellness choices. Note  we are not the sellers of these items, link(s) may be affiliate via Amazon as we are affiliates of the Amazon Associate Program and earn from qualifying purchases. As well some links go to third party websites , or may link out to bespoke websites. To the best of our knowledge, these are safe links. Nothing shown is on offer as medicinal, prescriptive, or deemed by us to treat or cure any disease or medical issue.  Happy Browsing!


Items of Interest ~  This and That

Crystals and Quartz Shungite and Minerals for sale!

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To order ShUngite

1. Click the picture below for the document of items on offer

2. feel free to contact us on Facebook, or via email for invoicing:

Also on Offer are Edible Food Grade  Frankincense Hojari 

Boswellia carterii, edible incense 

Ground Food Grade Myrrh


Mastic Chios

As well as Mayan Copal!

Email us at for ordering


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